Exterior Detail

Snow foam pre wash

  • PH neutral shampoo wash

  • Wheels treated & cleaned

  • Wheel arches cleaned

  • Door shuts cleaned

  • Vehicle dried using soft microfibre towels

  • Tar spots removed

  • Body work protected with a High-grade Carnauba Wax and a Ceramic Sealant top coat for increased longevity



  • Bodywork clay bar treatment

  • Engine bay detailing

  • Machine paint correction to remove light scratching and swirls

See below for paint correction prices

-From £65

Interior Detail


  • Interior carpets & floor matts wet cleaned and vacuumed

  • Interior upholstery shampooed and cleaned

  • Interior leather cleaned

  • All plastics cleaned

  • Boot/Loading area wet cleaned and vacuumed

  • Dashboard, controls & vents dusted and cleaned

  • Centre console, door pockets & infotainment screen cleaned

  • Interior windows cleaned


  • Carpets and floor mat protection

  • Interior upholstery protection

  • Leather seats & trim protection

-From £65

 Paint correction

Paint correction is a service that involves using machine polishers and cutting compounds to remove defects from your car's paintwork, such as light to significant swirls, scratches, and blemishes. A stage one or two machine polish will be performed to the car, and then a wax or sealant will be applied to keep the gloss and sheen in place. We also offer Ceramic Coating services for providing superior protection to your vehicle after correcting your paintwork.

Prior to stage one machine correction, this treatment also includes a full exterior detail service to prep the paintwork ready for the correction.


-From £225

This service can also be upgraded to include the Gyeon Q2 Mohs EVO coating application at an increased price.

Ceramic coating


Gyeon Q2 Mohs EVO (3yr coating)

This ceramic coating guarantees outstanding durability, hydrophobicity and self cleaning! This is one of the hardest automotive coatings ever developed. It adds an enormous amount of clarity and unprecedented protection and longevity to your vehicles painted surfaces.

- from £400

Includes paint correction prior to application.
Gyeon Q2  Mohs Evo is a 3 year durability coating.

Gyeon Cancoat (1yr Coating)

We now offer an entry level package into the world of ceramic coatings, offering superior results and protection in comparison to waxes and sealants but at a more affordable price.

- from £300

Includes paint correction prior to application
Gyeon cancoat is a 1 year durability coating

On all services carried out above we also offer maintenance details on a monthly basis to keep your vehicle in the best condition and to top up any protections applied to the interior or exterior of the vehicle, maintenance cleans can only be carried out after one of the above services has been completed on your vehicle